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FYRE-ZYME is a highly concentrated enzyme with added natural biosurfactants and is used as a solvent for cleaning and degreasing a variety of surfaces including surfaces and containers contaminated with petroleum based products. FYRE-ZYME acts as a surfactant to help break up organic mass by neutralizing the sub-atomic ionic (electrostatic) charges.


Fyre-Zyme is produced in a rigorously-controlled fermentation of a proprietary mix of complex sugars and
protein, producing simple sugars, amino acids, extracellular enzymes, and bioemulsifiers. A small quantity
of biodegradable anionic surfactants are included to augment penetration of Fyre-Zyme and water into the soil
and mobilize contaminants.

Bioemulsifiers evolving during fermentation increase the surface area of contaminant available for microbial
interface. Nitrogen and phosphorous are present in appropriate quantities in Fyre-Zyme. Quality assurance
and quality control procedures are outlined and maintained at every step of production,
from verification of ingredients to final product.